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Hi folks, Sarah here. WHAT. A. YEAR. I know everything sucked in 2020 and much of it continues to suck right up unto this very day, but I’m hoping to alleviate a teeny-tiny bit of your anxiety, angst, and/or ennui with my latest venture: The No F*cks Given Podcast.

The No F*cks Given Podcast is available anywhere you care to listen to it. I’m not picky.

Yup. It’s me and a microphone (and, fear not, a team of experienced producers) bringing HOT HOT #NFG CONTENT to your device of choice every Tuesday in 2021.

Forced separation is making everyone giddy to watch each other eat pancakes over webcam. I’m out.

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With apologies to the company that has recently become synonymous with group videoconferencing in quarantine: If I never see another Zoom meeting link in my email, it will be #toosoon.

From board meetings to book clubs, lunch hours to choir practice, it would appear that forced separation has made all y’all positively giddy for virtual togetherness. Everywhere I turn, people want to watch each other eat pancakes and do karaoke and reenact the Battle of Winterfell over webcam. But if I’ve learned anything from my stint in self-isolation so far, it’s that group video chatting — even with beloved friends…

Advice from a bestselling self-help author who is just as anxious as you are

Hey guys, I give advice for a living. I am also a human who is CHOCK FULL OF ANXIETY, so I thought I’d share some strategies that are helping me rein it in these days and that might help you, too.

BONUS: My tips are not exclusive to global pandemics! They should aid you in calming down about all of the other wackadoodle-doo that’s going on in the world and that will, I regret to inform you, continue until the end of time.

I mean, let’s be real — America has been a total shit show for a while now…

No is an acceptable answer. It’s time to start using it.

Why is it so fucking hard to say no?

How did the act of uttering one little word become more difficult than all the stuff we wind up doing because we couldn’t, wouldn’t, or felt we shouldn’t . . . just politely decline?

What makes us pack our calendars full and drain our bank accounts empty instead of expressing a simple “Can’t make it” or “Not today” or “I’m sorry, young lady, but I don’t like Girl Scout cookies. They taste like unhappy sand.”

I’ve thought a lot about these questions since I wrote my first book, The Life-Changing Magic…

The struggle is real enough — let’s not invent more reasons to drive ourselves crazy.

If you’ve written a book, there is no rest for the weary. Now you have to promote it! But not too much. Or at least not too often. Or, like, often, but in sneaky ways that don’t seem like you’re promoting it. And make sure you apologize to your followers in every other tweet so they know you feel bad about the fact that you have to do this. (But not so bad that you don’t definitely want them to spend their hard earned money on the book you’re sorry about promoting.)

Sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve been there, done that…

Congrats! Here’s how to do it without losing your goddamn mind.

Recently, the New York Times and Publishers Marketplace reported on the latest crisis facing the book industry — a paper, labor, and facility shortage that forced publishers to scramble to print enough hardcover books to meet demand, and even to push out the pub dates of some January 2019 books in order to ease the burden on binderies.

Yikes. I’ll take “Emails nobody’s agent wanted to get for Christmas” for $500, Alex.

I myself had a new book coming out on December 31st, so when I read the aforementioned articles my first reaction — as an author — was Oh…

Yes, you.

Hey guys. I really hope you’re doing well, but I didn’t become an internationally-bestselling anti-guru by not having my finger on the pulse of my readership, and I am telling you: it’s crazy out there.

The world is on fire, the rent is due, your boss is mercurial, your dog has fleas, and you only have so much time and energy to freak out about any of it. Shit happens. It would be so much better if — instead of freaking out — you could just CALM THE FUCK DOWN and DEAL WITH IT, amirite?

Well, you’re in luck. On…

And three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight…

Imagine you are eleven years old and sitting in the back of a car with your friend in a mall parking lot while her mother runs in to return something at J.C. Penney. You’re chatting about innocent, eleven-year-old type stuff — maybe what hilarious gag Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable pulled on The Cosby Show last week — and suddenly your friend’s eyes go wide as she looks past you, through the window on your side of the car.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

As she shouts and points, you hear something beating up against the window and you turn around…

Here are 5 tips on how you can get there too

So I did a TEDx* talk, and I’m sharing it here along with five tips for anyone who finds themselves in the same position I did nearly a year ago when the idea of speaking for ten minutes in front of 1,000 strangers was a) purely theoretical and b) moderately terrifying.

You can watch the video HERE. It’s pretty awesome.


When TEDxCoconutGrove reached out to me about speaking at their 5th annual conference, the first thing I did was email Dr. Emily Nagoski, author of Come as You Are, friend, and TEDx alum. I told her the whole thing made…

Get your shit together, people.

RULE #1: If the flight is not full, you may move your seat after you ask a flight attendant to point out unclaimed seats and receive their permission to swap. You don’t get to just sit wherever you want. This is ticketed air travel, not some free Indigo Girls concert in Central fucking Park. If the flight IS full, please observe the following additional rules:

RULE #2: You may switch seats with another person if and only if

a) You really need to sit with your travel companion. Perhaps you are a baby. Or a translator. Or a conjoined twin…

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